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Sit yourself down and relax. Let time be present in world filled with the wonderful sights. Watch the floating colors all over, aromas that appeal to your senses and sounds that come from the earth and speak to your soul.

Orbiting pictures and gentle colors that surround you in dance , enjoy as different textures and the feel of your tactile senses are amused.

Gentle vibrations and a warm touch massages your body and takes away your stress as your worries drift away.

Here there are no expectations; one is free from pressures, orders and demands.

You are free to touch and explore and discover as you relax and let go.

Here you will find a place to restore,  sit and be.

Let us help you create a space and experience show you how you can have a Sensory experience for yourself.


Our vision at Mandala Life is to bring a variety of sensory stimulation, to the community, through use of external stimuli in a fun, relaxed and safe manner.


Mandala Life has a mission to empower others to engage their senses in a passive or active sensory experience by providing a sensitive, caring non-directive approach where safety, security and free choice are encouraged in a Multi- Sensory Intervention Room.

  • Book a Companion for an Elder

    Book a Companion for an Elder

    People of all ages benefit from the calming effects of touch movement and sensory stimulation programs but those that gain the most relief include the elderly and children with special needs.

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  • Book your Workplace Massage!

    Book your Workplace Massage!

    Setting up a Sensory Stimulation room in your home provides a private place for peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation right when you need it.

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  • Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Visually stunning lighting effects can welcome, entice or excite your clients as they arrive; while your employees can recharge and get centered in a visit to your sensory stimulation room.

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  • Sensory Stimulation Products

    Sensory Stimulation Products

    Check out our select of visual, olfactory, and aural sensory stimulation products.

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  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    View photos in our sensory stimulation photo gallery

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