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Building Your Own Sensory Room (Residential/Commercial)

More than Therapy it is a Full Experience for everyone. Having a small get together party. Create you own Party Place with moving lights and disco balls. Turn up the music and have your own night club, that smells a lot better, at home. No more waiting in the long line up or paying huge cover charges. Set your own tone and watch as people come to you own club at home.

Have a CRAZY day and you’re completely stressed from everyone needing a piece of you? Relax in a place where you don’t have to do a thing. Let the Sensory Room do its magic. A relaxing and peaceful space where you are safe and welcome. No goals or expectations. Surround yourself by creating whatever environment relaxes you. Deep in the amazon, under the oceans with the sealife, taking a stroll on the moon or just zoning out to beautiful colors and senses that appeal to every part of you.


when it’s time to have some sensual time, a flick of a button starts to set the mood. Dim lights in exotic colors, smells to entice and sounds that appeal to your very core. You set the mood to experience the bliss of intimacy.

What’s your mood today? What are your needs today? With a slight adjustment of some simple tools you can create a variety of moods to adapted to your daily needs. Mandala Life can help you gain all these experiences with just a few simple tools. Book for your consultation today.

Therapeutic tool for family members

Alongside its central purpose, the Sensory Stimulation Environment can also serve as a platform for alleviating stress among family members. With in this Multi-Sensory Intervention environment, varying experiences can occur among all those who participate in the therapy. While being present in the room people often undergoes a process that provides restfulness and relaxation. Additionally, this environment encourages communication. For many family members the Sensory Room has become an environment where people and can speak openly and clarify disturbing issues they encountered daily while adapting and learning through life’s journey.

  • Book a Companion for an Elder

    Book a Companion for an Elder

    People of all ages benefit from the calming effects of touch movement and sensory stimulation programs but those that gain the most relief include the elderly and children with special needs.

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  • Book your Workplace Massage!

    Book your Workplace Massage!

    Setting up a Sensory Stimulation room in your home provides a private place for peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation right when you need it.

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  • Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Visually stunning lighting effects can welcome, entice or excite your clients as they arrive; while your employees can recharge and get centered in a visit to your sensory stimulation room.

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  • Sensory Stimulation Products

    Sensory Stimulation Products

    Check out our select of visual, olfactory, and aural sensory stimulation products.

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  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    View photos in our sensory stimulation photo gallery

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