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Band In A Box

Product #37937
Band In A Box

Nothing sounds better to your clients than music they make themselves! Brilliantly colored, finely crafted instruments are ideal for fun play, as well as learning beat, tempo, syncopation, and rhythm. Box includes a Tambourine, Maracas, Clappers, Rhythm Sticks, Triangle with Striker, and Cymbals.


Rainstick 40"

Product #9029
Rainstick 40

Made from cactus wood! Handmade of dead (not harvested) Quisco and Copado cactus with thorns pounded into hollowed-out shafts. Tiny pebbles placed inside make a terrific rain-pounding-on-the-window sound each time Rainstick is turned over.


Visible 16" Rain Stick

Product #34276
Visible 16

The Mystery Of The Rainstick Revealed. Here's an entirely new element to Rainstick fun... you can actually see inside the stick! Watch the colorful beads as they cascade down through the levels to create the wonderful sound of a gentle rain shower.

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