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Time to get started. How can you improve the quality of life for those you serve? Let Mandala Life create the concept that centers on offering people from all walks of life and those who live with mental and developmental disabilities, dementia, autism, and other challenging conditions, the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sensory experiences. With the daily challenges we all face,  a place where we can get away and be present in the moment can become a necessity. Limitations of movement, vision, hearing, cognitive ability, constrained space, behavioral difficulties, perception issues, pain, and other problems create obstacles to everyones enjoyment of life. Mandala Life helps provides opportunities for bridging these barriers.

How to Begin

There are numerous factors that must be considered carefully when planning a Sensory Environment

  • The diverse needs of everyone who will have access to the space.
  • The level of access, safety, comfort, and interactivity.
  • Products offering will best meet your population’s multi-sensory needs.

Together, we can create a wonderful, personalized space at your own pace, adding in all the right pieces at the right time.

Services We Offer

Mandala Life Specializes in creating Multi-Sensory Intervention Environments for all clients and their quality of life. We encourage pro-active, holistic spaces and nurturing staff that support you and your community.

Services we will provide:

  • consultation of the “Multi-Sensory Intervention Room”
  • Needs and Want Assessment of the MSI Room
  • Electrical Awareness (cord invisibility, etc) and Room layout
  • full installation of the “Multi-Sensory Intervention Room”
  • equipment and supplies for the environment

Staffing to include:

  • project manager during the set up time
  • bonded and trained Movement, Touch Sensory Stimulation Clinicians

Education to include:

  • a 2 hour workshop to staff about Sensory Stimulation within the completed room
  • educational material for your facility to hand out
  • assistance in any fundraising projects


  • Book a Companion for an Elder

    Book a Companion for an Elder

    People of all ages benefit from the calming effects of touch movement and sensory stimulation programs but those that gain the most relief include the elderly and children with special needs.

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  • Book your Workplace Massage!

    Book your Workplace Massage!

    Setting up a Sensory Stimulation room in your home provides a private place for peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation right when you need it.

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  • Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Visually stunning lighting effects can welcome, entice or excite your clients as they arrive; while your employees can recharge and get centered in a visit to your sensory stimulation room.

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  • Sensory Stimulation Products

    Sensory Stimulation Products

    Check out our select of visual, olfactory, and aural sensory stimulation products.

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  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    View photos in our sensory stimulation photo gallery

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