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Sensory Stimulation Services

Getting Started
The Sensory Stimulation Process

The Needs Assessment begins as a site visit to your facility to identify the population, their needs, current facility conditions, and overall logistics for what and how we can build the best environment for your clients.

During the Design and Budget phase we to create a layout/blueprint that provides what is applicable to you in the areas of educational, recreational, and therapeutic opportunity but flexible enough to meet the needs of various individuals.

Installation consists of the ordering, purchasing and installation of various multi sensory equipment based on the Needs Assessment.

Additional Services Available

Training is essential for appropriate use of multi sensory rooms. The aim of the training is:

  1. to develop and extend ways of working with multi-sensory rooms;
  2. to experience and be aware of the effects of light and sound and the use of these to create different moods
  3. use equipment competently and appropriately
  4. to assess, plan and record sessions
  5. to share ideas and form good working practices

Implementation consists of your team of Recreation Therapists, Care Aids, Nurses and other therapists reviewing residents that are targeted for the program. This process records, and identifies those who will participate and functioning abilities and behavioral issues so our trained clinician can start the Sensory Stimulation Plan.

Services Available

  • Equipment Sales
  • Training and Education
  • Creating Your own Space
  • Touch, Movement, Sensory Stimulation Clinicians
  • And so much more…
  • Book a Companion for an Elder

    Book a Companion for an Elder

    People of all ages benefit from the calming effects of touch movement and sensory stimulation programs but those that gain the most relief include the elderly and children with special needs.

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  • Book your Workplace Massage!

    Book your Workplace Massage!

    Setting up a Sensory Stimulation room in your home provides a private place for peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation right when you need it.

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  • Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Visually stunning lighting effects can welcome, entice or excite your clients as they arrive; while your employees can recharge and get centered in a visit to your sensory stimulation room.

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  • Sensory Stimulation Products

    Sensory Stimulation Products

    Check out our select of visual, olfactory, and aural sensory stimulation products.

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  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    View photos in our sensory stimulation photo gallery

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