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Workplace Wellness Program

Healthy people make healthy companies. The business world is recognizing that there is a link between the health and well being of employees and the productivity of an organization. What does this mean for managers and team leaders like you? It means that a significant key to your success is developing sensitivity to your co-workers’ particular reactions to stress. The better you can anticipate their stress responses, the easier it will be to provide the support they might need in order to “get back into the game”.

Imagine wonderful sights of floating colors all over, aromas that appeal to your senses and sounds that come from the earth and speak to your soul. Come experience moments of bliss as you enjoy health and wellness with holistic treatments designed to create harmony of body, mind and spirit.


  • Increases Energy
  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Stress & Tension
  • Promotes Posture Awareness
  • Improves Flexibility & Range of Motion
  • Improves Circulation
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Enhances Body-Mind Awareness
  • Promotes Overall Wellness & Health

Having the Sensory Awareness and Massage Program on site for employees on a weekly or monthly basis is a win-win proposal. The employee receives access to cost-effective benefits while the employer has greater positive impact on morale.

Getting Started is EASY!

  • Company can sponsor its employees in part or in full
  • Minimal interruption to daily work activities
  • Flexible Schedules to accommodate last minute appointments
  • We arrange the times with the designated contact person
  • We come in and set up a space with all of our equipment
  • Let the wellness Begin!

Workplace Massage Packages

We make it easy for all your staff to enjoy the benefits of massage by bringing it into your office. There are three options to set up on-site massage in the work place.

  • Company Sponsored – This is an effective and affordable way to reward your employees, while reducing overall healthcare costs such as short-term and long-term disability claims (Company pays 100% of cost)
  • Co-Sponsored – An easy way to offer the full benefits of on-site massage program while keeping the costs low. This is a great way to show employees that they are valued (Company and Employee each pay a percentage)
  • Employee Sponsored – The Company may simply provide the space, and employees will pay for their own appointment
  • Book a Companion for an Elder

    Book a Companion for an Elder

    People of all ages benefit from the calming effects of touch movement and sensory stimulation programs but those that gain the most relief include the elderly and children with special needs.

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  • Book your Workplace Massage!

    Book your Workplace Massage!

    Setting up a Sensory Stimulation room in your home provides a private place for peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation right when you need it.

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  • Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Build Your Own Sensory Room!

    Visually stunning lighting effects can welcome, entice or excite your clients as they arrive; while your employees can recharge and get centered in a visit to your sensory stimulation room.

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  • Sensory Stimulation Products

    Sensory Stimulation Products

    Check out our select of visual, olfactory, and aural sensory stimulation products.

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  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    View photos in our sensory stimulation photo gallery

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